Friday, July 9, 2010

Preliminary Thoughts on "Wake Up"

[I'm probably past 36 straight hours awake, so a full post is going to have to wait until tomorrow.]

This felt like a successful shoot. We are continuing in our hilarious Little Worlds trend of taking pictures in real life at times diametrically opposed to when the scenes are supposed to take place (most notably our use of dusk as dawn way back when Derby leaves the Depot), as Lev finds himself waking up in the "morning" (actually close to 9PM real-time).

I adore that in Panel 3 the filter lends a very angular shape to Lev's face and jaw, which makes him look kinda chiseled and manly. And during the shoot we were affectionately referring to Dani's arm in panel 2 as "beefy". I'm really interested to know what people think about Lev's look. Knowing who Dani is makes it a little hard to judge how good a job we are doing in turning her into Lev, so I (and probably everyone here at Dreampunk industries) am/are very curious about what you think. I should note that we welcome all kinds of interpretations; some ambiguity may or may not be intentional on our part. That's all I'm sayin'.

More tomorrow (including pictures, this time I promise. I just re-installed Windows and I was having some trouble setting up photoshop for importing/touching up my RAW files)


  1. I actually found that photo to look more like Dani than Lev-- I thought of what's-her-name, the woman who plays Trinity in that photo.

    Overall, I think you're slowly getting better at capturing Lev... The pictures are starting to look more like the mental image I have of Lev, and less like the actual pictures I've seen of Dani.

  2. The new version of the comic has Lev looking much more masculine. Well edited. :)