Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every Time is Bear Time

Mr. Bear is my bear. His name is Bramwell, after Bramwell Brown of Jane Hissey's Old Bear series. If you're a crossover reader from Rock, Paper, Cynic, then I won't need to tell you why I still have this fuzzy fellow. One may find an additional clue stitched into the bottom of his feet; the numbers "1989" - the year of my birth. Mr. Bear is not a real-life alcoholic. He just plays one on the internet.

Toby's coding room also happens to be my room, but I'm a little bit less proud of this because our requirements for Lev's sleeping quarters are "messy, squalid"...so yeah. That's also my computer (Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 8800GT, built it myself). We switched to my room from our previous location, [redacted], because of a [Redacted] when we [Redacted] and [Redacted] so here we are, and hence the edits to our previous pages. I, like Peter, am actually pretty happy about the change because the Mr. Bear stuff plays into a gag we had already planned for the character - one that should become evident rather quickly.

Toby...well, ok that's not me. That would be Peter. He and Dani are real-world roommates (or..housemates? Whatever you call it when people rent a house with other people but don't share rooms)...but they live in a different house.

We don't have - to my knowledge - a grand plan for Little Worlds, a rather necessary state of affairs when you're dealing with a cast of actual people with actual lives. For that matter, we may not always be able to shoot at the locations of our preference (see: above). With that in mind, I wonder how much Little Worlds will come to reflect aspects of our real lives, at least in the parts where we have our characters living in houses and not being beset by eldritch terrors.

I think a lot of the fun doing these shoots has been with the facial expressions Dani makes for Lev. I guess I'm echoing Peter's comments once more, but it really is worth that much mention. Keep an eye out in upcoming comics for a look so scornful that we have dubbed it "French Lev".

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