Thursday, October 1, 2009


Now that we've got ourselves a bona-fide homepage, it's time I committed some text to the page here on the progress blog. For now it's just the big ol' slideshow: a mix of production shots, unreleased photos, and the undoctored originals of some of what you have seen (or will see) in Little Worlds. As this space develops, you'll likely see a greater emphasis on the material that has gone into the comic, and I'm hoping to wrangle the odd actor into doing a guest post or two. I'll kick this off with some of my thoughts thus far:

I've gotten into digital photography in the last few years, but as a very sporadic hobby. Little Worlds is the first project that I have undertaken as a photographer per se, and as such is both exciting and intimidating. The responsibility of translating another person's vision into reality is a new one for me, so I'll admit that yeah, I'm definitely a little lot scared of screwing up. Biggest challenge so far: holding the camera steady at night without a tripod, and the biggest success: I dunno if I'm the right person to ask, but there is this one really awesome picture of the Duke that I think will be available as a wallpaper at some point.

A note on my equipment, in case anyone is curious: I have the 8-megapixel Canon Digital Rebel XT with an 18-35mm lens. It's not a full frame digital camera, though, so the actual numbers are ~1.6x...higher (if I remember the manual correctly) than stated. Of course, this is some old-hat stuff compared to some of the newfangled gear you can get these days.

Before I sign off, there's a question I feel I ought to ask: what part of the comic-making process do you want to read about? Leave a comment to let us know!

-Loud (Gallium_Arsenide on the RPC forums)


  1. Thanks for the post!

    Any information on process is interesting. But it's just really fun to see what's going through the creator's mind as they put a piece of art together, so any notes on what you were thinking, dialogue about how a shot should look or feel (and so on) would be welcome.


  2. I really love what you guys are doing here. It's definitely a new kind of webcomic.

  3. I love this, the webcomic, the dialogues, the photos, everything. Keep up the good work guys, apparently you have pretty good ideas.

    I'd love to know how you convert these images you show here into the ones on the comic.

    Looking forward to the story developing.