Saturday, October 3, 2009

I fought the law...

...and the law politely asked us not to take photographs on government property. This was not a surprise in and of itself; if anything we would have expected this kind of trouble long before our fifth photo shoot. We will have to splice together some material as a result, as we had yet to finish the scene when the guard on duty informed us of our transgression. We moved from our original location onto campus, where we were fortunate enough not to be hassled further (although I was perched halfway over a railing on the way to, um, a location not normally accessible to the public when a uniformed officer left the main admin building behind us, which was a pretty close call!). This shoot was by far the shortest we've done, probably no more than 45 minutes long. We had the greatest number of photographers to date (3), and it was probably the second-coldest shoot (the school/playground session for the intro monologue takes the cake there).

On our way back after the shoot, we irked an overzealous left-turning Manitoban with his window rolled down, but we brandished our golf club and JAWS rental, and passed safely through the night.

Peter promises a process post sometime "soonish" detailing the progression from the photographs we take to the comic pages you see.

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