Monday, June 21, 2010

Re: Finery

You'll note that the design is a little cleaner; I owe a debt of gratitude to Peter who has been fussing with HTML longer than I. The slideshow is now down at the bottom of the page, and I'll try to update the rotation more regularly now that we're shooting again. I'm also going back and making some improvements to previous posts, such as this one, where clicking on the first two images will now take you to slightly larger versions where more detail becomes apparent. I'll try to keep a log of such changes at the start of newer posts, as I have done here. Oh, yes: We have Twitter now.

On that note, we also have Peter to thank for today's splash page. During the shoot, I hadn't considered the amount of railside foliage in my pictures, which undercuts the industrial aesthetic that we're trying for (I'm going back over my pictures right now and yeah there's a LOT of green there. How did I miss that before?!).

Dani/Lev and the Factory, with perhaps excessive greenery

the oil refinery, closer-up

We shot today's panel, along with what will become the next several strips on a Saturday, and I would be so remiss not to give Dani


props for having come out with us, because that was also the day she left to go on vacation! To take hours out of her day to come costume/prop shopping AND for the photo shoot was very big of her. Costume shopping (hence "finery") was as usual at Value Village. We needed something that looked like sheet music, something that could be of some measure of sentimental value...and, well, something else that you'll get to see very soon. All I'll say for now is that I'm particularly excited about this new and mysterious thing!

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